Fan Inc Terms & Conditions:

1. Our website

Your use of this website and any service contained within constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

2. Customer Information

1. You should always check that the contact information you provide is correct before creating a customer account or proceeding to payment.

2. You must read all of the event description in case there are terms & conditions that are not mentioned in this document. You must also adhere to ALL minimum age restrictions as set out by the event organiser. You must be over the age of 18 to attend this event.

3. You should ensure that your email address can receive email from our domain as all transaction receipts and confirmations are sent by email. We cannot be held responsible for delivery failure of messages sent to email addresses or mobile telephone numbers that you specify, if for example, our messages are blocked by your or your ISP's spam filter.

4. You are responsible for maintaining your own username and password, required to access your customer account. Your username is your email address. You should ensure that you store your username and password securely and that the details required to access your customer account are not provided to another party.

5. As a customer you are responsible for your customer account and actions taken within it. If you are aware or suspect that your customer account username and password or other details have become known to a third party, you should inform us immediately by email to

6. Privacy

Fan Inc takes your privacy seriously. We are registered under and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. For further details please see our Privacy Policy.

7. Product Pricing and Title

1. We make every effort to ensure that the pricing displayed on our website is correct. However, if an error in pricing is found we reserve the right to either cancel your order or contact you to arrange payment of any extra sum due or refund any over-payment made by you (as applicable). The processing of an order can be cancelled or corrected by us at anytime up until the doors opening on the day of the event.

2. We reserve the right to alter all ticket pricing without notice.

3. Title in any products ordered from us does not pass to you, the purchaser until we have received and processed a valid payment, and that payment has been made into our own bank account.

8. Your Order

1. When you place an order you will automatically receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your order has been received. Your order constitutes an offer made to us to purchase the tickets specified in the order.

2. Your offer is only accepted by us once we have emailed with your confirmation.

3. Items not included within the dispatch email are not included in the order and contract between you and us.

4. We reserve the right to delay or refuse orders where a transaction contains incomplete details or details that cannot be verified or where fraud is suspected.

5. If we are unable to reasonably ascertain these details or resolve these issues a full refund will be made against the card used at the time of purchase. No other form of refund or credit will be offered nor will a refund be made to any third party card or account.

6. Where postal tickets are the available option or option chosen by you, Fan Inc sends tickets by first class post. Please note Fan Inc cannot be held responsible for non delivery of tickets by any postal method and does not guarantee to replace tickets that are not delivered.

9. Cancellation Rights and Refunds 

9.1 Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase, unless the event is canceled, partially cancelled or postponed. Only if an event is fully cancelled, Fan Inc will provide it’s customer with a refund of the face value of the ticket.

9.2 Under the event of a postponement, ticket holders will be offered tickets to rescheduled events (if available) covering up to the face value of the tickets originally purchased. If the ticket holder is unable to attend the rescheduled event that Fan Inc may refund the face value of the ticket.

9.3 Under the event of a relocation, ticket holders will be offered tickets to rescheduled event. If the ticket holder is unable to attend the relocated event that Fan Inc may refund the face value of the ticket only upon authorisation from the event organiser.

9.4 Refund requests must be made in writing to within 10 working days of a cancellation of an event. Refund requests after this deadline will not be processed.

9.5 The organizer of any event reserves the right to alter the programme/billing of an event at any time and the customer will not be liable to receive a refund.

9.6 Where a whole refund/partial refund is due and Fan Inc does not hold ticket revenues, the event organizer is responsible for issuing any and all refunds to the customer, including any funds due to be returned via chargebacks.

9.7 All refunds are issued to the original card holder/card used to make the purchase in the first place.

9.8 Fan Inc will not be responsible and/or liable in any way for refunds as a whole (including wrongly issuing refunds).

10. Updating ticket details

Card issuers require the card used to make the purchase be sighted during the fulfillment process, usually at the event. If you are unable to present the card used to make the purchase the event promoter is not obliged to admit you to the event. At our discretion the ticket details can be changed if a completed credit card authorization form is received at least 48 hours prior to the event, subject to availability and payment of an admin fee of $15 / €10 / £9 per order. The attendee must be able to present a credit or debit card in their own name. To request a credit card authorization form email as soon as possible and at least 72 hours before the start time of the event.


11.  Customer Complaints

We endeavour to respond to all customer complaints or queries within 5 working days. Please email

12.  Events outside our control

12.1 Fan Inc shall not be liable for delay or failure to perform any obligation under these Terms & Conditions if the delay or failure or cancellation of a Force Majeure event. In case of any cancellations (partial or full) arising from a Force Majeure Event, Fan Inc are not responsible for administering refunds to customers affected.

12.2 This includes any event, act, omission, accident or non-occurrence beyond our reasonable control and includes (without limitation):

12.2a Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack, war (or threat of), Industrial action, fire, storm, winds, flood, earthquakes, natural disaster, epidemic, a complete impossibility of using any forms of transport (public or private), inability to use any communications networks, acts of government.

12.3 Under a Force Majeure event Fan Inc’s performance is suspended entirely until the Force Majeure event has completely passed and all reasonable actions will be undertaken by Fan Inc to perform its responsibilities under the conditions of the Force Majeure Event.

13.  License

1. Fan Inc grants you a license to access the content, information and services contained within our website for personal use only.

2. This license allows you to download and cache (using your browser) individual pages from our website.

3. This license does not allow you to download and modify individual pages or substantial parts of our website nor to make our website available via an intranet, where our website or a substantial part of it is hosted locally on the intranet in question.

4. Our website design, layout, content or text cannot be copied, edited or otherwise manipulated without our express prior written permission.

5. Our website cannot be placed within the frame-set of another site.

14.  Copyright & Ownership

1. All content, databases, graphics, buttons, icons, logos, layouts and look & feel are the copyright of Fan Inc unless expressly acknowledged as otherwise.

2. The data mining, extraction or utilisation of any content or items listed in 10.1 is not permitted without our express prior written permission.

15.  Limitation of liability & Reasonably Foreseeable Losses

1. Fan Inc will not be liable for any losses incurred by you due to breaches of these Terms & Conditions by us, where such losses were reasonably foreseeable at the time the contract between you and us was made.

2. All business, indirect or consequential losses not reasonably foreseeable at the time of the contract between you and us are excluded.

3. Fan Inc excludes liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence or breach of duty by us, our employees, agents or officers or in the act of using services provided by us.

16. Severability

The foregoing paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and clauses of these Terms & Conditions shall be read and construed independently of each other. Should any part of this agreement or its paragraphs, sub-paragraphs or clauses be found invalid it shall not affect the remaining paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and clauses.

17. Waiver

Failure by Fan Inc to enforce any accrued rights under these Terms & Conditions is not to be taken as or deemed to be a waiver of those rights unless we acknowledge the waiver in writing.

18.  Entire Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions set out the entire agreement and understanding between you and Fan Inc. We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time, without giving notice to you.

19.  Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. 

Your statutory rights are unaffected.